Independence Day

I love America. I have always felt blessed to have been born into this great nation. I may not always agree with the government or those who create the laws that I have to live by, but I try to keep in mind that in America we enjoy freedoms that no one else in the world gets to enjoy. I can worship anywhere I choose–or what I choose–any way I choose. I can complain about the president or his flunkies any time I wish. And it’s all thanks to being born in America.
For FHE last week we wrote letters to soldiers. I really liked that activity because it reminded me of the sacrifices made that let me be who I am. Both of my grandfathers fought in WWII. My father, my uncles, my cousin, and my brothers have all been part of the military in some way. I feel a special kinship to soldiers because of this. You don’t have to agree with the wars we’re fighting to support the troops. When it comes down to it, these brave men and women will lay down their lives so you can keep yours. What are you going to do with that gift?

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