There is a reason I hate spiders. I have hated them for pretty much as long as I can remember. It all started when I was about 8. A movie came out by the name of Arachnaphobia. For an 8 year-old this sounds like such an awesome movie. Good special effects. Neat concept. It would be a great movie for most people. But I was a little too young; a little to incorrigible. Sure, the film freaked me out a little. But what cemented my everlasting hatred and loathing of the eight-legged freaks started that night. My brother and I had just gotten into bed for the night. He looked over and saw a spot on the wall next to me. I looked to see what it was. A BIG FREAKING SPIDER. Normally I would have thought nothing of it. But I had just seen a movie about killer spiders. That was enough to screw me up for life.

So now that we have the back story covered, I can get to the main reason behind this post. My buddies at work know that I abhor spiders. One of the caught a wolf spider in a medicine bottle today and brought it over to me. And the teasing commenced. I received several jabbers of pictures of spiders. And then I get this gem.

Smart spiders. The very concept sends shivers down my spine. It would be like a machine gun wielding grizzly bear riding a shark. No matter what, we’re screwed. Let’s just hope that TGRI doesn’t get a hold of these monsters.

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